Rolling Stone preview of Grant Morrison's Batman Inc. #1

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Okay, I'm sold. Damn you Morrison.

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I'm behind you.

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Comics visionary Grant Morrison has been penning the adventures of Batman since 2006, and in that time, he has introduced the Dark Knight's son, "killed off" Bruce Wayne, and had him come back after solving a mystery as he traveled forward in time from the distant past. The latest – and final - phase of Morrison's Batman epic began last year in the first volume of Batman Incorporated. In this story, Bruce Wayne has revealed to the public that he has been bankrolling Batman all along, and sets off on the mission of "franchising" out the role of Batman to nations around the globe in preparation for a war against a new, mysterious criminal organization called Leviathan.

Batman Incorporated took a break for a while just before DC Comics relaunched its entire line as the New 52. The title returns this Wednesday with a new Number One issue, which will pick up where the story left off while giving new readers the chance to jump on to a brand new storyline as Batman and Robin (Bruce Wayne's son Damian, whom he had with lover/enemy Talia al Ghul) face off against Goatboy, and Leviathan's master plan is revealed. You can click through to check out an exclusive preview of the issue, which was illustrated by Chris Burnham.

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By Matthew Perpetua

May 21, 2012 11:50 AM ET

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I didn't know Rolling Stone was into comic books.

Oh well, doesn't really change my decision from getting it!

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