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n  ightrunner got h  is own mr. unknown d  idnt are we more l  ikely to see or  ig  inal des  igns or s  imple cop  ies?

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Oh my god, learn how to properly use the space key.  For the love of god.  I'd like to see other Batman Inc members get new costumes.  I'm hoping they're in the vein of Nightrunner rather than Mr. Unknown.  Unique, personal costumes with a bat decoration is the way to go.  Man-Of-Bats is fine in his current costume since that's exactly what he already has.

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I want them all to have batman outfits but have to all be distinctful. What annoys me is that I thought that Bruce Wayne's new uniform distincts him as Batman Inc's leader with the big glowing bat symbol but at the end of issue 2 of Batman Inc Mr Unknown's costume is identical to Bruce's. Remember I don't mind them being batman. I just want Bruce's costume to be unique in a way

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I really wish they would get new coustume. I really hope the also have something that clearly shows the diffrences between them.

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