Batman Incorporated...really?

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Well, it would seem that Bruce Wayne is back now, what with the information we've received in Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #6 and Batman and Robin #16.  And so starts a new era for the Caped Crusader involving the franchising of the Batman name.  Supposedly its all part and parcel of a new scheme for Bruce's war on crime.  Frankly, I just do not know if it is a direction I'm necessarily wanting to happen.  Part of the whole mystique behind the Dark Knight was his personal vendetta on Gotham's dark underbelly in the name of avenging his parents.  Sure, he had help often (Robin, Birds of Prey, Oracle, etc.) but he never tried to FRANCHISE the name.  I must admit, I've not read any of the literature yet concerning his intentions in B&R 16 or other items, but to me this just seems another lame attempt to try and put Batman down a road that may not necessarily be wanted by fans.  For me then my recent road for the Batman ends when Batman: The Return comes out and the last two issues of Time Masters: Vanishing Point arrive; and this is a long road considering that I jumped back onto the Batman bandwagon all the way back with the Batman and Son storyline four years ago now.  Maybe one day, when things get normal again (doubtful) or when the economy gets better again (who knows!) I'll be reading more on him again. Till then Dark Knight, au revoir, and reclaim the cowl for you and yourself as if your God-given right!

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I haven't collected in years so my knowledge on modern comics is limited. But through the Vine I am able to keep up with some of the story lines and I agree. There should only be ONE Batman. Let Dick be whoever he wants just not Batman. Still the only advantage of having a franchise is if both batmen are never seen together. This way it adds to the mystery and myth of his legend, if and only if  he can appear in two places at the same time. Anything other than that is a crime.If the two of them teamed up on one villain alone I personally feel it would ruin the whole Dark Knight image 

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Actually, have to disagree with this opinion.  I agree to some extent regarding the aura surrounding Batman, keeping him that dark vigilante and all, but really, in all the comic book stories he's appeared in, he's had plenty of other supporting characters help him out.  He has stepped out of the darkness, so to speak, and has made his presence known to a lot of people.  While he still uses the shadows, per se, it isn't out of his nature to step out of said shadows and do a lot of good in the limelight.  He is a member of the Justice League of America as well, although some don't like his presence there, which I can understand to a small degree.   
I think though your contention might be the prospect of Batman having his image and essence "trademarked" into a franchise.   Yes this will engender some people to try their hand at fighting crime, and really, perhaps on that front it may not be a good idea, because Bruce Wayne is setting himself up for failure with potential lawsuits and even jail time depending where his Batman, Inc. operates.  However I think it is all a bit humorous to a degree, for some reason, just this notion, yet I am also thinking it can be really great because we are seeing other characters who are and will be tied to the Batman.   Batman has always been about using his image, his aura, his concept, to intimidate and thwart criminals.  What better way than to propigate that notion than by having not just more than one Batman but other characters who are fighting with Batman?  He also funded The Outsiders, so having a team isn't above Bruce Wayne to begin with.   
I am curious to see where it goes and it has me more interested in Batman now.
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You can only do the same thing for so long before it gets old. Batman's war is against crime, not just crime in Gotham, and Batman himself as a symbol is bigger than just Bruce Wayne. Just sayin'.

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Thank you for the comments people! In retrospect I'm actually more and more curious how its turning out, this whole Batman, Inc. thing I mean.  In all seriousness I only ranted because I really have to cut back on my comic spending from week to week, and Batman: Incorporated seems like one HUGE arc that can encompass so many titles.  Price cut downs aside I'd probably be really pushing my economic luck if I got into that story now.  So I say let the good times role, and if franchising the Batman title is the new fad, then bring it on! And there's always trades later on, right?

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