Batman Academy

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Batman decides to open an academy for training the future crimefighters of tomorrow! As Headmaster, he assigns every student an exam and upon completion they are sorted into one of four houses, each run by his former pupils and a respective assistant. The organization is as follows:

-Professor Dick Grayson aka Nightwing

*Assistant Barbara Gordon aka Oracle

-Professor Jason Todd aka Red Hood

*Assistant/Advisor Vic Sage aka The Question

-Professor Tim Drake aka Red Robin

*Assistant Cassandra Cain aka BlackBat

-Instructor Damian Wayne aka Robin

*Disciplinarian Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke

(credit for the magnificent art and inspiration for my silly idea goes to Momocullen on Deviant Art)

Which division would you place yourself in?

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@SmoothJammin: totally the Jason Todd one stealing this image btw xD

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