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"Transference" concludes! Bruce Wayne has been kidnapped by Hugo Strange, which leaves his rescue up to Nightwing and Robin! Can they save their mentor from this madman, or will the Batman's secret finally be revealed?

Hugo Strange escapes from Nightwing and Robin before they and Alfred go to collect Bruce Wayne who has turned up after the fire at Wayne Enterprises. However, when they get Wayne alone, it is quite clear that he doesn't remember being Batman, and finds the existence of the Batcave quite disturbing. When Robin and Nightwing try to rendezvous with Catwoman, she shoots at them; they allow themselves to be captured by her, and find themselves in the lair of Hugo Strange - Catwoman is actually his assistant Dora. Strange has also kidnapped Bruce Wayne, and tries to force the heroes to admit that Wayne is Batman. Neither Nightwing nor Robin will admit this, and Wayne truly appears to be a scared, ineffectual rich guy, even when their lives are in danger. By this point, Strange is totally confused - he killed Batman, but Wayne didn't die; he runs away deliriously. Later, when they get back to the Manor, Nightwing recites an oath which snaps Wayne out of a post-hypnotic state and reminds him of his true nature. He also explains that the files on his computer are his own. Elsewhere, Strange is admitted to an asylum, still raving that he is Batman.

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