guardiandevil801's Batman: Gotham Knight review

The Knight rules!!!

This is a great Batman movie to watch.We have Kevin Conroy(the best Batman) voicing which is great and seeing 6 different Batman in 6 different adventures.It was cool to see Killer Croc,Scarecrow,and Deadshot.I loved seeing the different animation styles for each segment because its really cool, I would buy this because its a great movie to watch and has some cool extras too. 5/5 great movie.

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    Disjointed & Uneven 0

    This is a collection of animated stories featuring Batman with a rather strong anime influence, which makes sense considering that each story segment was done by a separate Japanese anime production company. But there is an appalling lack of cohesion and we get so many different and disjointed interpretations of Batman himself.The first (and in my opinion, the best) story segment was “Have I Got a Story For You” was an interesting look at how a group of kids saw Gotham City’s e...

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