guardiandevil801's Batman: Gates of Gotham #5 - Part Five: Welcome to the Future review

A great ending!!!

The final issue of Gates of Gotham will blow you away. Batman(Dick Grayson) takes down the Architect and Black Bat and Robin stops the bombs. This issue was amazing and really left me wonder from the past issues and gave a great ending. Scott Synder really brought a great story and the ending left wondering what other secrets does Gotham hold for Batman and his allies. Overall, I giving it a 5/5 because it wraps up a great story,brought history and leaves a ending that will make you wonder what other secrets Gotham may have.


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    A fun satisfying ending to a great mini-series 0

    I have thoroughly enjoyed "Batman: Gates of Gotham". It's been a history lesson of sorts on one of Batman's most important characters - Gotham City. It has cleverly told parallel stories that came together last issue but is dealt with in this wonderfully structured finale. Kyle Higgins, Scott Snyder, and Ryan Parrott are the architects behind the story and I have loved their resourceful use of flashbacks mixed almost perfectly with the current day pages . With the exception of last issue, this ...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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