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Batman, Red Robin, Robin and Black Bat are all thrown into a race against time as The Architect's true plan is revealed! But what does that mean for Oswald Cobblepot and Tommy Elliot? And just how does the first Super Villain of Gotham City factor into The Architect's plot to destroy the city's first families? Be here for the exciting penultimate issue!

Batman: Gates of Gotham #4 starts with Robin and Red Robin are ambushed by the steampunk man who reveals himself as the Architect and also calls himself Gotham's son.

In the past at the funeral of Bradley Gate, Nicholas Anders finally "saw" what Gotham's finest families for what they were. For the next couple months, Nicholas would look for evidence of foul play in the wreckage. At Alan Wayne's mansion, Nicholas tells Alan that he suspects Cameron Kane is responsible for the death of Bradley. Alan quickly denounces to join Nicholas to investigate Kane. Alan says secrets are influence and influence is power. And he doesn't think Nicholas would understand because he isn't one of them and he never will be.

In the present, Batman and Black Bat search for Robin and Red Robin. Tim received head injuries from the attack from the Architect. Tim reveals that Kane bridge holds up the retaining wall and if blown up, half of Gotham could sink. In the rubble after the Architect fight Cassandra Cain finds a book which ends up to be the journal of Nicholas Anders/Gate.

In the past, Nicholas Gate decides to get revenge on Cameron Kane. While attacking Cameron Kane, Nicholas Gate is shot in the back by Robert Kane. The gunshot was taken by the suit, when Nicholas was choking Robert Kane the suit was depressurized and Nicholas couldn't let go of Robert. He ends up killing Robert. Nicholas notes he takes no pressure in what he has done, his only lament that he couldn't do more.

In present day, Batman and Black Bat are racing towards Kane Bridge. On the way there Dick notes Gotham only protects her own and if you don't belong she won't keep up. He questions the motives of Gotham. Dick decides the only way to stop the Architect is to prove everything he believes is a lie.

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In the present Red Robin and Robin tango with the Architect. In the past Nicholas Gates is confronted with the true nature of Gotham and her elite.    The Good Firstly I've got to say that having Dustin Nguyen on pencils this issue was a real treat. I'm a huge fan of his work, especially on Batman books, so this was a pleasant surprise.   The Fight with The Architect was very impressive and he comes off looking like a real threat. In stories this short the villain often gets a win to make them m...

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