guardiandevil801's Batman: Gates of Gotham #3 - Part Three: The Key to the City review

Now things are getting more crazy!!!

After the bombs exploded in the last issue we see more history on how the bridges have helped Gotham, but in the present things are more crazier for Dick and the team, who are still trying to figure out who is blowing up the bridges and now the Iceberg Lounge and the original Wayne Tower. We see some the armor from the past Tim researched, but also some more stuff in the past  that is very interesting. Overall I'm giving it a 4.5/5 because we some more history, some cool facts and gadgets and another surprise at the end of the issue. 



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    Following an action packed issue, this issue of Gates of Gotham is a little bit different. The dust settles, and the bat kids regroup, figuring out their next move. Where as in the past, things start to go poorly for Nicholas Ander's and his brother who has become skeptical in their relationship with the Waynes and other families of Gotham. The past segments of this book remain as interesting and intriguing as always, at this point I'm not surprised how much I like these segments, but as an over...

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