guardiandevil801's Batman: Gates of Gotham #2 - Part Two: The Four Families of Gotham review

Its getting more interesting!!!

The first of part was great and now it getting interesting. We see more history on how the bridges get build and who designed them. However, things are doing so well in the present as Dick, Tim, Damian and Cassandra try to figure who is blowing up the bridges, but also someone new is in this issue and is talking to Hush. This story is getting more interesting and i can't wait ti read more. Overall I'm giving it 5/5 because it shows more history, some action and a surprise in the end of the story. 


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    Synopsis: More of Gotham City's history is revealed. What's Good? I can say that without the history background of Gotham City in the beginning of this issue, this story would be just as great. However, thanks to it, we get a sense that Gotham City was supposed to be the ideal place due to its promise of a, "City of the Clouds".  As I wrote in the previous issue, There are so many secrets rarely touched on about Gotham City that makes this mini-series so great to rediscover them. Seeing Gotham ...

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