duo_forbidden's Batman: Gates of Gotham #1 - Part One: A Bridge to the Past review

"The families will fall by The Gates of Gotham."

Synopsis: Gotham City has always had it's share of secrets, but when The Trigate bridges are destroyed, those secrets may be exposed.

What's Good?

Gates of Gotham reminded me of how much there is to Gotham City like how many secrets and history it has. The Wayne family has an incredible background to Gotham City that's been explored a little bit thanks to Grant Morrison's Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. I do like how one of Bruce's ancestors play a role along with some others and  you can call me out on this, but I knew this series might involve Thomas Ellliot aka. Hush, before the end of the issue. After all, this will somehow comes down to family. And while Bruce Wayne may or may not play a part in this series, Dick Grayson and his siblings will. As Gotham's protector, seeing the bridges explode makes it his problem. Characterization also plays an important part with the story. Honestly, I think Scott Synder writes the best Dick Grayson as Batman. Dick has his own way of being the Dark Knight.

I'm also glad with the appearance of Cassandra Cain. Not to mention this is her very first encounter with Damian Wayne. I'd love to see more interaction as this series goes on.

I've always found Trevor McCarthy's artwork unique. It fits here because of the dark atmosphere. He's got a great take on characters both in costume and out. But take notice of the city of Gotham itself. The unique structures look wonderful. My only disappointment is that we don't see Cassandra Cain in costume, but will probably see in the next issue.

What's Bad?

It's slow to start up. That's not really an excuse after all, this is just the first issue.

Overall: I'm so excited of this series. Gotham is such a interesting city and I love how Synder is exploring its history. Can't wait for the next issue.


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