Batman Eternal #15

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The Good

A weekly title. Another in a long, long line of Batman-centric titles that come out every month. A shifting creative team. BATMAN ETERNAL has a great deal working against it, and yet here I am truly enjoying the title. The strong foundation that James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder have started with is being built upon by some truly great creative teams and this week’s scriptwriter is Ray Fawkes, which suits the title just fine as it goes in a much more supernatural direction with its main plotline. We also get Tim Seeley and John Layman receiving co-writing credits. Our main plot sees Jim Corrigan and Batwing investigating the strange, seemingly supernatural things going on within the walls of Arkham Asylum. Having to keep track of 14 issue’s worth of content over 14 weeks isn’t easy, but I definitely remember seeing this stuff hinted at, almost as an aside, but not so much directly confronted, so seeing it come out like this is a great payoff that hits very quickly and only twists darker and darker as the issue goes on. We also get to see Harper Row finally come out of hiding to team up with Red Robin...on the latter's own plane. Though Drake would certainly prefer to work alone, there's no getting rid of Harper and while all this goes on, Batgirl (with Red Hood in tow) encounters Batwoman and Jason Bard has another run-in with the Bat. Whew, that’s a whole lot to cover, but more on that later. The characters are all extremely well-written, even the ones whose storylines only get a couple of pages, and in a cast this big that is critical. If things start ringing hollow, that would be the death of a book that comes out this often. Ironically with so many more issues coming out per month, the team has to be completely on-point or risk losing readers rapidly. They definitely deliver, though.

Dustin Nguyen handles the pencils and makes this book, with all its differing tones and themes, and does a completely stellar job. This can’t have been an easy one as the disparate parts have some similarities, but far, far more differences and it’s critical that each one have its own tone or the book will become needlessly chaotic. Especially praiseworthy are also Derek Fridolfs’ inks and the colors by John Kalisz. The former gives definition and impact to the visuals, parsing and sharpening the already jagged visuals of Nguyen’s pencils. The latter, of course, adds vibrancy, dark though it is, to the story, communicating without saying anything. This is something that these three do amazingly well as there’s a good amount of dialog this issue, but so much more is communicated through its visual language.

The Bad

There is SO MUCH going on in this book and it doesn't always balance out. I talked around it above, but there are, no kidding, four storylines across twenty pages that have little to do with one another directly and have no point of intersection. What happens across three of the four threads only gets a few pages, with some transitional panels, in the entire issue. The Batwoman/Batgirl one, especially, seems disconnected and in need of more development, which I’m sure we’ll get to in subsequent issues, but at that point it would have been better off waiting until more could be said or shown. As it stands we get two pages of chatter with a reveal and then it’s back to the main story. As well written as the characters are, a lot of them feel like they miss out on the attention they deserve.

The Verdict

This book is shockingly consistent given its hectic release schedule. While the book may try a little too hard at being all things to all people and all storylines, the visuals and dialog more than make up for the scattershot approach and even poke a bit of fun at the chaos. There’s still an intriguing mystery at the heart of this tale, and whatever’s going on in Arkham seems to be absolutely brimming with potential, to the point that I’m already ready for more.

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I love Tim and Harper together. Tim's so serious and brooding, and she's eating cheetos, it's almost like a Batman & Robin duo.

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Too much going on here still but good issue overall. Tim and Harper were cool.

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  • Man, I wish Nguyen could draw every issue of Eternal.
  • I hope Tim and Harper eventually get a book together.
  • I laughed when Ten-Eyed Man popped up.
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While I'm enjoying this series, I did find the while sub-plot with Batwing and Jim Corrigan to be a bit...out of place. Last time we saw them, they were just about to enter into Arkham Asylum and then we didn't hear for them for a few issues. in that time, a LOT has gone down.

I'm curious as to if this is all happening in one single night, similar to the Arkham games, or has a few days past. I just found it odd that we're just now seeing the plot with Arkham getting more panel time as it feels like that plot was just abandoned and we're just now getting around to it.

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I love seeing the other bat family characters and it's truly awesome to see them dealing with the super natural because we really never see it happen. And let's face it, Jason bard is a complete badass

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I love everything about this book every story line I want to see play out it basically feels like a weekly TV show at this point so good

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Im loving this series and Futures End a whole lot! This book is great at building up mystery and the artwork for the most part is great especially in the past 2 issues.

Its just a shame that no one is reviewing Futures End. Its gotten really interesting and I'm loving characters that I never expected I would like. It reminds me alot of 52 in the way that it focuses on B-C list characters.

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My only complaint about the book is that there is too much packed into one issue. As I was reading I had forgotten that Jason and Barbra part of the story.

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You know, I was kind of hoping for more of a crime drama telling, but this issue seems to lead down more of a supernatural route with the Arkham stuff.

Still, Eternal is really good for a weekly series. Not mindblowing, but consistently good.

I can't decide if Joker's Daughter is going to be a main player in this story, or not?

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