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You wanted more from Batman Eternal? Well you got it!

Alright, week 2 of our grant weekly Batman Eternal series. Last week's issue I said I wanted more and boy did I get it. This is issue jam packed full of things to talk about. This week's issue sets up so many potential plot lines and new characters that I honestly had to go back and read the issue a couple of times just to take everything in. Some people were worried that pacing might be an issue in a weekly series such as this and things might be moving too slowly. Well if this issue goes to show, the series might be moving along too quickly, but I think that is just a testament to how big this series is going to be. If the full 60 issues is anything like the first two issues, this might go down in history as one of the biggest and best things to ever happen to Batman (and of course this is Batman we're talking about, that would certainly be a big accomplishment). Just like last week's issue we have great dialogue, the story is moving a good direction in a good pace, the interaction between characters were great, and the art from Jason Fabok is somehow even fabulous than last week's issue (seriously, this guy just moved up near the top of my favorite artists list just from these two issues so far). Another 5/5 from me, I swear I'm not trying to overrate it or anything, this is legitimately how I felt when reading it. If anything I was trying hard to find flaws in the comic....I couldn't even do it. Don't skip this issue guys, to put it lightly...stuff happens (not like you would skip anyway though right?

*There will now be Spoilers beyond this point*

The issue starts off with the mayor getting a report on the whole train fiasco thing from last week, he goes into his office and is startled by a shadowed figure who greets him. The next part we see Vicki Vale and her reaction to the tragedy, needless to say she is in disbelief on reports about how Jim Gordon was behind of all it. She is forced by her jerk editor-in-chief to publish the story and as Vicki states "We publish it and we're going to destroy a good man's life".

The next part shows the reaction of various Bat-family members to the accident, ranging from Batgirl who is in disbelief over the news that her father could have been the culprit, to Luke Fox and his dad Lucius, and even Batwoman is called in to help. It's going to take the help of the entire Bat-family to clean this mess up.

Jason does a pretty good impression of my reaction...

Batman goes and has a talk with Gordon, although Batman is adamant about the possibility that Gordon was possibly drugged or manipulated by someone, Gordon begins to doubt himself saying that maybe it was a possibility that he messed up.

The next scene switches back to the mayor and his little chat with our shadowy friend, he has a classic villains dialogue while crushing a rose and bloodying his hand.

But...but I thought roses didn't have thorns in the petals, only in the stem? Whatever still badass though right?

The next scene we are see someone pretty big, the appearance of Jim Corrigan a.k.a The Spectre. The Spectre is a pretty big and powerful character so seeing him in a Batman related title is a pretty big thing? What's his role going to be in this series? We also see the appearance of the character of Doctor Phosphorus. See? Like I said, so much in this issue, all packed into one $2.99 comic.

Hey! This is like the Jedi mind trick!

Afterwords we see Batman in his cave when all of a sudden Catwoman comes into the cave although Batman is pretty clear on the fact that he doesn't have time for games. If you've read Issue 28 of the Batman series you would see how Selina changes throughout this series. I wonder what happens to cause this change?

All of sudden we see Batman come to the realization that a certain someone he knows is back in town, and he seems very surprised by this and Selina even asks why he's afraid. Immediately he jumps to the scene where the shadowed figure claims responsibility for Gordon's downfall, and he reveals who he is-It's the first appearance in the New 52 of Carmine Falcone, a big reveal which rises the stakes even higher.

Could it have been Falcone that was responsible for the destruction of Gotham in the first page we saw last issue?

In conclusion, this was a great issue and as if everyone including myself hasn't already stated, this is looking to be a great series. Scott Snyder and Co. keep the ball rolling and next issue can't come any sooner!

Thanks for reading! Happy reading comic book fans. Come back next week for more Batman Eternal awesomeness.


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