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In Gotham City, there have been many killings. The Batman goes out to investigate, but only finds a corpse with its thoat cut open. But one night, he is successful, and finds a vampire sucking the blood out of the corpse. He attacks, but is beaten. At home, Bruce each night is visited by a woman with her mouth covered in blood and he soon discovers that he is much faster and stronger before. He goes again and follows a vampire into its nest, where he finds literally millions. He beats as many as he can until he sees a giant bat- Dracula! He beats Dracula, but did not kill him and is taken in by a woman, Tanya. This is the woman that visited him in his dreams and she is a vampire. They set up a trap in the Manor and kill nearly all the vampires, including Tanya. Dracula kidnaps Gordon and the Batman finds him. Batman turns into a vampire and a huge arial battle takes place, ending with Dracula landing on a spike. It ends with the Batman declaring that Bruce Wayne is dead, but the Batman shall live forever

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I've never like vampires, but this is great. 0

Even though i'm not a fan of vampiric action (which i've never considered action... Drama will probably do) I do cherish this piece of work, it's edited by genius Denny O'Neil and superbly written by Doug Moench, this guy knows how to create an extemely believable version of a Bruce Wayne who feels his own body succumbing to a new addiction, blood-driven after a woman named Tanya appeared several times in his sleep and did bite him. This was sort a ritual and they were bound by something larger ...

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