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The epic conclusion to Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's Batman masterpiece! What connection does the Hang Man have to Harvey Dent, and can the murders be stopped before the most horrifying killing of them all takes place? This time Batman is no longer alone in his quest for justice as a young, inexperienced Robin joins him and the dynamic duo is born!

The endgame of the battle came on the following Halloween; Sofia revealed that she was never disabled, and that she committed the Hangman murders, targeting all the cops, whether honest or crooked, who had helped Harvey Dent's career. She then suffocated Alberto. She opened the gas lines and set Gotham City ablaze to smoke out Two-Face, who was hiding in the sewers. Saved by Batman, Two-Face turned on Sofia and shot her to death. Escaping to a cordoned-off subterranean area, Two-Face, Freeze, Ivy, and the Joker found themselves in the Batcave .

Batman's secrets would have been laid bare to the team of criminals except for the timely intervention of Dick, who had been training in secret. Wearing his old circus uniform, he made his debut as Robin and helped Batman defeat most of the villains. When at last Batman faced Two-Face, Two-Face stated that Gotham belonged to him. The Joker appeared at the last moment, shooting Two-Face, who falls off a cliff. Robin then helps incapacitate Joker. Elsewhere, Mario Falcone, a lonely broken man, burns down his mansion having lost everything. Catwoman then visits the grave of Carmine Falcone and reveals that Falcone may in fact be her father. It is shown that not only has Two-Face survived, but he has Carmine's body, frozen. In the final pages Batman offers Dick a chance to escape the never ending crusade against crime. Dick refuses and Batman declares that the two are now Batman and Robin. Batman states that he still is following the oath he made to his parents but now he is not alone.

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