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 The classic BATMAN creative team of Steve Englehart, Marshall Rogers & Terry Austin concludes the exciting 6-issue miniseries! In issue #5, Silver St. Cloud has been abducted by the Joker so that her boyfriend, Evan Gregory, will drop out of the Gotham gubernatorial race. Little does the Joker know that Silver and Gregory have separated ? and her new beau is the Batman! And in the thrilling issue #6, Batman has traced the Joker to a decaying mansion that serves as the shelter for a special hostage: Silver St. Cloud! Unfortunately for the Dark Knight, the mansion is also a funhouse loaded with death traps! Can he rescue Silver and prevent the Joker from winning the election?                            

Batman entered the location given to him by the Two-Face clone. He found Gregory and his bodyguards - Gregory was injured and the others were dead. The house was completely boobie-trapped and obviously the right location. Batman got Evan to a safe spot and ordered him to stay. He got to the Joker and freed Silver. With the villain unconscious, Batman and Silver embraced - only to be interrupted by Evan's screams. They found him missing an arm and a leg. Batman told Silver that Gregory needed her now more than he did. She blasted him for not knowing what "love" was. Joker wandered through on fire. Batman got Gregory and Silver out of the house as it went up in flames. Gregory was handed over to medical staff and Batman disappeared.







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Well, here we are... at the conclusion of this ride.  Joker started this sequence of events by tossing his hat in the ring to be governor.  Here he is with Batman's girlfriend locked up in his "Fun House" and both Batman and Senator Gregory ready to enter the house and save her.  But, only Batman truly understands what they are dealing with.   The traps and gadgets in the house are fun... is that the right way to say that?... they work for me anyway.  Joker doesn't make it easy to find him... al...

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