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Lex meets with a U.S. Army General as he gives him an enormous platoon of G.I. Robot units after winning the defense contract. Lex then gets a phone call about his robotic bat that is trying to infiltrate Batman's "lair." It's attached itself to unidentified aircraft that most likely belongs to Batman.

At the Batcave, Batman arrives in his new plane. As he goes over the plans of the military command base to try to figure out what Lex is up to, the robotic bat begins to make its move. It works its way to a control pad and types in, "KILL." The bat-plane starts up and fires a missle at Batman and Alfred. Batman falls back into the deep of the cave.

At the army base, Lex is still pleased with the possibility of what his robotic bat will accomplish. He tells the general that there's been a change in plans. He's taking the base and robots back. He gives a counter-command to the G.I. Robots and gives the command to allow the general just enough time to run out screaming or he will be vaporized.

Batman survives his fall by falling in twenty feet of bat guano. It literally "stinks." Batman has to use a breathing mask to get away from the smell of ammonia. He can hear the bat-plane still trying to kill any available targets. It seems to have Alfred in its sights. Batman manages to jump onto the plane as it passes by. He accesses the controls and returns it to manual control. Using the plane's sensors, he finds the robotic bat that caused this problem. It's making its way to the batmobile. Alfred simply stomps on it.

In Gothom, Captain James Gordon is in a patrol car with an officer. For some reason traffic is incredibly backed up. A radio transmission starts up on all channels. It tells them that Democracy isn't working. It goes on and on. Gordon gets out of the squad car and walks up the street. He sees Lex on a jumbotron as he finishes his speech and says he is going to be making some changes.

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