grim's Batman Confidential #35 - The Bat and the Beast, Part Five review

The Bat in Moscow

 its always nice to see something new in your comics...unless it snot. But luckily, nice was the feeling i got as i finished the five part "The Bat and The Beast" story. 
 The "Beast" in question is the newly introduced Bear, loyal enforcer to the Russian mob who's humanity is in question. Is he a wild beast? or a misunderstood man in a monsters body? 
 Batman travels to Moscow in an attempt to shut down a new Gotham power before he gets there. But the Tsar has the Bear on his side. Much like Batman, the Bear is a myth amongst the criminal underground, but batman soon discovers that the Bear is just as real as he is.
 The coolest parts of this arc are both the Bear meets batman moments, and the overall activity of Batman OUTSIDE of Gotham, and the US for that matter. I could delve deeper into what i mean, but its better if you read it yourself.
 Hopefully this isnt the last we have seen of the Bear.

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