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Batman uses Waynetech technology to break into a Lexcorp building. Hacking into a secure computer, Batman finds that Lex has data on a number of people including the late Dr. Eugene Underhay that Luthor was blackmailing in order to get Waynetech secrets. There is also an entry for Bruce Wayne (with not a whole lot of information) and Senator Crabtree, the senator that will decide between Waynetech and Lexcorp for the weapons contract. For some reason, the file also contain Senator Crabtree's DNA sequence.

Lex calls the senator to see if he's decided on which corporation to go with. The senator has decided to postpone the decision until they obtain more information as to what went wrong with the Waynetech system. Lex urges him to make a decsion stating that the senator has a lot he could lose if he waits.

Later at the senator's house, in the midst of a birthday party for his granddaughter, Captain James Gordon arrives with an arrest warrant for conspiracy to murder. It seems a hooker has been murdered and her child's DNA results say that Crabtree is the father. Batman was allegedly seen fleeing the scene.

With the senator dealing with his problems, Washington granted the contract to Lexcorp. Lucius express concern after Waynetech spent six years and half a billion dollars on the development of their plane. Bruce Wayne replies that he has plans for the plane.

On top of the Gothom City Police Department, Gordon tries calling Batman with the Bat-signal. As he is wanted for questioning in the murder of the hooker, snipers are in place waiting for him. After two hours, Gordon calls them off. As soon as he turns off the signal, he sees Batman standing there. Batman informs Gordon that he's been there the whole time waiting for the snipers to stand down. He didn't want to have to hurt them. Batman gives Gordon information that shows that Luthor set up Senator Crabtree. He tells Gordon to go after Luthor. With the source of the data, he tells Batman it won't be that easy.

Back at Luthorcorp, Lex talks to his technician, Clayton, to see if he's been able to track Batman to his lair. Clayton tells Luthor that Batman's plane is invisible to radar. They were able to track it using acoustic triangulation but lost it in a swarm of bats. Luthor has a solution to this problem. He shows Clayton a mechanical bat that would be able to track Batman.

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