nicholai441's Batman Beyond Unlimited #15 - Coming of Age; In Gods We Trust; Undercloud: The Sound And The Fury review

as of currently....

as of currently I... am still reading this issue. but I thought I would point out one dislike about it.

the art in justice league beyond: the art is VERY cartoonish. but not batman beyond cartoon series cartoonish, instead more like... well I can't think of an example, i'll just say it doesn't have the mature realistic look (like other DC titles, or even batman beyond or superman beyond). the art in this issue (and last issue) of justice league beyond is not an art type I am a fan of. so reading justice league beyond right now is a bit painful. for me personally I like when the beyond universe has an art look similar to the other mature DC universe titles. but this issues justice league beyond art seemed more geared for the younger kids.

ok, that's enough of my rant on the art of this issue's justice league beyond.

as for the good of this issue, superman beyond is quite interesting as well as batman beyond. the art's nice and the stories are... good too.


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