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In these new stories from issues #1-8 of the hit series, a super-powered criminal has gotten in way over his head – and the whole Justice League has come to Neo-Gotham to hunt him down!

Back Blurb

Building a better tomorrow

Under the tutelage of the reclusive former Batman Bruce Wayne, teen Terry McGinnis serves the streets of Neo-Gotham as a Dark Knight of the future.

Acting alone has always been Terry's modus operandi, but when the Justice League shows up to help take down the Matter Master - a former Justice League employee with an appetite for revenge and a Midas touch gone wrong - Batman must take them up or take them out.

Meanwhile, an elderly Bruce Wayne has troubles of his own. With the return of Derek Powers as Blight and Powers' estranged son Paxton, Bruce's foothold in Wayne-Powers is in jeopardy. Refusing to lose his authority in the former Wayne Enterprises conglomerate, Bruce Wayne must use his wits along with Terry's skills to defeat Blight and regain control.

Based on the popular animated television series of the same name, BATMAN BEYOND by Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin continues the story of Terry McGinnis and his quest to protect Neo-Gotham from all that would seek to harm her!

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