comicman24's Batman Beyond #2 - The Heart of the Matter, Part 2 of 3: Rough Justice review

Fight for the family

This is the second issue of the new Batman Beyond on-going series and Terry is in a tough position trying to save his family while having to deal with the future Justice League. 


We don't see much character development as this is mainly a action driven issue.  It's nice seeing Terry fighting under Bruce's guidance, showing that those two can be a very formidable team. The dialogue is good with some funny lines and the characterization of the people involved here are spot-on.


The art is suitable for this story, resembling the style of the animated series but bringing it closer to the comics. The colours are lighters here than those used in the previous mini-series.


It is a fun reading, and I would recommend it to fans of the show and those who want may not be.
Posted by miki


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