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The Batman is Back!!

Batman is a great hero, but after the movie Batman and Robin, he wasn't so great, but with this movie it shows why so great. Christopher Nolan brings Batman as a real person because he is a real person people can relate to, he is a hero with no powers and has loss his parents and want to fight injustice in Gotham. The story told why he choose a bat becuase he was afraid of them when he was a kid. The movie showed how Bruce trained to be the hero for Gotham and showed how he faced tough foes like Ra's al Ghul and the Scarescrow. The movie showed Batman's gear as real and looked like what we use everyday. The batsuit looked dark and was cool and his car, the tumbler was awesome. Some of my favorite scenes were when he first became Batman, his training, his 2nd fight with Scarecrow and the final battle between Batman and Ra's al Ghul in the train. The cast was incredible and played their parts very well. Christian Bale played a great Batman and Bruce Wayne and he is my favorite live action actor to play Batman. Overall, I'm giving it a 4/5 because it told Batman's Orgins, how he became the bat and had some great scenes too. Fans need to get this because this a Batman movie fans will enjoy and I recommend it for anyone to enjoy.


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