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Arkham Reborn


That was really good. The plot of Arkham Reborn is really physiological and very dark, and I really like it. It explains how Jeremiah Arkham came to be the Black Mask and takes a very deep look into his mind, and many of the other inmates. This is really a story about Jeremiah, so be warned if you’re expecting a Batman-heavy book. When it was revealed in the main Batman book that Jeremiah Arkham was the new Black Mask, it kind of bothered me that it never really explained how that happened, or really anything about him becoming it, but thankfully this book really gets into detail and takes a good look at it. David Hine’s writing is amazing and he makes certain characters sound really chilling and gives the book a great atmosphere. Jeremy Haun’s artwork is different from most comic art, but it’s still very good. The only real negatives that I can think of are that the artwork can be inconsistent and the book takes a little while to get good. So if you want a different type of Batman story and don’t mind not seeing Batman a whole lot, I recommend this, it’s a very unique and enjoyable read.  

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