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For over 50 years he has been apart of the American mythos. He was a sensation from the moment of his first appearance, and today he has archived an even more phenomenal level of popularity. In that uniquely American contribution to popular fiction, the comics book, only one other creation has rivaled the celebrity of Batman: that being the archetype of all comic book heroes, Superman. In fact, the heroes represent two sides of the same coin. Superman, a super-powered alien sent to earth to become our greatest champion. And Batman, whose brutal origin on the dark streets of Gotham City results in comics' most grim avengers. His earliest stories reveal Batman as he was initially conceived: a mysterious dark nemesis of crime, a non-nonsense vigilante driven by some inner demon to eliminate society's malefactors. Later, with the introduction of Robin, we are presented with the more human side of our protagonist. Not so fierce perhaps, but every bit as resolute. DC Comics is proud to present this definitive collection of Batman's earliest adventures. Assembled here are the first two years of his appearances in his first home. For fans both new and old of The Dark Knight (or of popular culture in general) THE BATMAN ARCHIVES will be an indispensable addition to their library. In this volume lie the seeds of a true American folk legend.

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