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Following the events of all the JLA except for Batman being turned into apes,Batman travels to Bludhaven where he and Nightwing question a gang suspect on a large shooter,gaining their answer they leave as Lady Vic arrives. The duo then begin checking for prints on the roof finding fibers which they have Oracle run who she finds is a gorilla, while back at Blockbuster's lair he examines the list of victims and gets Lady Vic to agree to investigate. Batman and Nightwing then successfully track the ape to the home of one of Blockbuster's lieutenants, trying to recruit him into greasing the wheels so that a ship can enter Bludhaven without issue.However the gorilla manages to escape with George, while elsewhere two armed gorillas break into a hotel room looking for Grimm but only finds Lady Vic who kills them and departs with Blockbuster arriving on the ship at the same time as Batman and Nightwing. This leads to a fight between Blockbuster and the gorilla who is trying to take over Bludhaven as the ship explodes with Blockbuster dragging the ape to shore explaining to Lady Vic he may save his life.

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