Peter Tomasi Teases New Robin - Sort of

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like it! anything but Harper Row

For sure. In Tomasi we Trust.

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Anyone else with me?

Sure, I'm a fan of Red Hood and the Outlaws.

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Im ok with new characters but not with a new robin. I think i would prefer if they make a new batman title of all the new young heroes who want to be batman's sidekick without realizing all of the danger out in Gotham. I think that would be cool with Harper, Kelly, and whoever else they create and form like a Gotham teen titans. That's just my opinion though.

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Strange, I thought a couple of days ago it'd be an interesting idea to make the next robin a girl, though I don't think this is meant to last.

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I will get the first few issues of this but most likely I will be dropping Batman and Robin. I really liked Damien and to just cut him like that. Well this is the first moment in the new 52 that truly pissed me off.

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I like it. Weaving more female characters into the Bat-Verse.

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This is great news! Although I find it funny that they decide to give all the male Robin's pants but leave them off for the girl, guess that makes her more marketable to the male demographic

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- I personally dislike this move.

- However, it could be worse.

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propulay gonna be harper row

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@zereta said:

In before we get mentions of Wally West, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain...

I am kinda psyched by this. Tomasi is killing it on Batman and Robin.

Steph and Cass were mentioned several times lol

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@br_havoc: Damian is a player and dated women of all ages. Bruce was to busy fighting crime to notice.

I am actually hoping this is the new Robin. As much as I loved Damian I don't want him to pull a Jason Todd (though if he did come back by Lazarus Pit it would be the perfect way to bring back Ra's). Damian has to be the one Robin that stays dead. Also I like how they are doing a female Robin that could stay alive for more than a couple issues.

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That's it DC, kill off the best Robin and replace him with the worst. Thanks.

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Kinda wish they used the Ame Comi design.

Hey, something actually worthy of the phrase: WTF.

I love this!

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That's it DC, kill off the best Robin and replace him with the worst. Thanks.

I know right, she better not be the new robin. She stinks. I say they shouuld just let the mantle of Robin go for now. Bringing in another would suck. I like having it with the Nightwing, Red Robin, batgirl, and Jason working alongside Batman.

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After reading this issue, I feel the cover was such a con... without giving too much away Carrie Kelley felt like an afterthought shoehorned into an issue that, in truth, was dealing with Batman's grief in a logical if somewhat macabre manner. The inclusion of an agent of SHADE was entirely plausible along with Red Robin but the Carrie Kelley elements seemed to be little more than retconning, a way of teasing the fans when instead they need to get through losing Damian as much as Bruce does.

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I still think Helena Wayne should take her rightful place back. I mean it would be a double wammy with her honoring Damian's spot instead of ''forced, so called fan-favorite'' Harper Row. And we know Damian will be back in some way soo it will make more interesting stories. There is already enough messing around with the new 52 to make things complicated. A new Robin with as a full new character would only add more confusion to the current messed up state of the Bat-verse.

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