BATMAN & ROBIN #8 Preview

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Double-ship, but single-dip? 

Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart are putting BATMAN AND ROBIN out twice this month, continuing the "BLACKEST KNIGHT" storyline wherein Bruce Wayne has seemingly returned after some time in the Lazarus Pit.


Here’s the breakdown from DC’s Alex Segura…

Only months into his new role as Batman, Dick Grayson faces perhaps the biggest threat of his life. In hopes of attaining his heart’s desire, has Dick instead unleashed a terror the likes of which the world has never seen? Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, Alfred and a recuperating Robin are at the mercy of someone both fearsome and familiar. 

Observations, observations…

Morrison and Stewart continue to have a great creative synergy.   Liked how they worked together on SEAGUY… really liked how they worked together on MANHATTAN GUARDIAN.  Who else can pull off something so gleefully-ludicrous as the Caped Crusader fighting against evil chimney sweeps with narcotic soot?

And you know, with the nearing prospect of Bruce taking the Batman mantle back from Dick after years of the Boy Wonder waiting for it, am I the only seeing some parallels to the whole Conan/Tonight Show Indian giving fiasco from last month. Anyone? Anyone?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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Awesome, Batwoman is in it. I will surely read it now.

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Ohh Pit madness Batman vs those guys.Almost feel sorry for them.Their gona feel this in the morning.
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massive bat-brawl haha mint :)

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The funny thing is, in theory, it's a "real" Batman, but without a soul, which is lost in time. 
There is still hope for happy end D: 

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This looks great!

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I like batman's Electricity knuckles I want it in the next batman reborn issue. Tony daniel should put that in his batman book 

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This is f**king awesome!!!!  

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hurm...interesting. I didnt think this was gonna be all that good. 
The return of Cap'n America was a bit of a letdown. 
But this seems promising. Morrison's great

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*luckly I brought my anti lazarus pit maddend batman spray*, or something like that... 
And what about that brass knuckles? they are awfully lighted, I think that even if Dick grazez that Batman it could blow him to bits...
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@Red L.A.M.P.: 
High-five! Thought the same thing, but hesitated D:
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looks good but i am not so sure about the art...frank quietly (mis-spelt i know) was the best but i should definately give stewart a chance
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it seems all they do with dick as batman is him trying to pass off the tittle as quickly as possible. lame.
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so.... is Batwoman talking to her father again now? Hmmmm not convinced. This seems like a dumb-ass move on Dick's part as well. Dick is not a fool. Oh and not to mention that DC do not write england well...... 

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@Red L.A.M.P. said:
"Bukaki? "

*slaps palm on face*   I did NOT just read that, did I?   Wait a tick, yes I did.
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@Red L.A.M.P. said:
"Bukaki? "

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I am REALLLLY mclov'in the art in this arc, and the coloring is just makes it drip!

#18 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2547 posts) - - Show Bio
@timrothsays said:
" @Red L.A.M.P.:  High-five! Thought the same thing, but hesitated D: "
I never hesitate! :) 
 @waruikumo: I cant be the only one who thought it.
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I wish bat trades came out faster. 
I look forward to reading this in 2012!

#20 Posted by Bruce Vain (1781 posts) - - Show Bio

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@Red L.A.M.P.:
You may not be, but it didn't cross my mind even as slightly pervy as I am.   Now I can't look at that art without thinking it.  Thanks loads.  Ooops, wrong choice of words....
Guess you put the "E" in Evil, Red L.A.M.P.!
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Looking at this art it appears the "villains" are chimney sweeps?  Also a "King" or something?  I read bad cliche' stereotype British/Cockney slang, too, in the panels posted.  W...T...F?    
*slaps palm in face a second time*
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i wonder who he is since hes not Bruce... Obviously...

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@Chane: me and you both man, hate waiting forever on issues....
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batman say something
I'm covered in spaghetti sauce 

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It's nice to see Batwoman in the mix!

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This looks awesome. but I doubt its going to be Bruce, wait for the twist.

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@Ryonslaught: plus I only get the paperback ones, now they've started going to HC first and then paperback awhile later it takes even longer :o\ 
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@Yung ANcient One: my biggest problem is I really am very UNCONVINCED that gathering could take a psychotic Bruce........that's the big stretch..... Squire, Knight and Dick..oh and batwoman to handle Bruce LOL. 
That's a stretch of the imagination Grant even for you!
Cant wait to see just what exactly Dick has brought forth though, That should be something! :)
Yeah it become quite the hassle after awhile.
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THE ART KINDDA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked FRANK QUiEtLy

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