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The Domino Effect

The Story: 

Batman attempts to revive what he thought was Bruce Wayne's body using a Lazarus Pit in London. Batman and Robin begins investigating the death of Bruce Wayne as they start to believe he's not really dead and look for clues to support their theory. 

My Thoughts:

Grant Morrison has done it again! He's managed to unravel a thrilling mystery tale involving the death of Bruce Wayne. At first everyone thought Bruce Wayne to be dead except for Tim Drake. Now Dick Grayson is starting to believe Drake's theory is possible and begins looking for clues around Wayne Manor to support this theory. Morrison showed so many levels of genius in this story it's ridiculous. I loved the page showing the paintings of all of Bruce Wayne's ancestors. Seeing Dick Grayson follow the clues inside Wayne Manor believed to be left by Bruce Wayne in the past was so much fun. He basically follows the paintings until he finds   a secret passage that leads to more clues to decipher. At the same time Talia Al Ghul assumes control of her son Damian and attempts to use him to kill Dick Grayson. The pacing of the story is great as your kept on the edge of your seat the entire time. I also enjoyed how Morrison makes great use of other characters in the story such as Batwoman, Deathstroke, Knight and Squire. 

I love reading Morrison's characterization of Damian Wayne. He's so much fun to read. Damian is so awesome even when paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Once he gets the full function of his legs back he stands up in front of a room full of Wayne Enterprises board members and tells them how it's going to be. He certainly is courageous, cavalier and cunning. 

The art is by Cameron Stewart and Andy Clarke. Cameron Stewart was already a favorite artist of mine. I love his style. Andy Clark impressed me a lot as well. Both men did outstanding work on this story it's actually difficult for me to pick the better artist. 

This was another incredible story arc that tops the first one of the series. I can't wait to see what happens next. All Batman fans should have this in their collection. You're simply not a real Batman fan if you don't have this.  

Rating: 5/5

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