themilkywaydude's Batman and Robin: The Deluxe Edition #2 - Vol. 2: Batman vs. Robin review

Batman & Robin The Deluxe edition Batman vs. Robin

The Good 
This book is well BRILLIANT in my opinion. This really shows the tension of damian being the demons head grandson, and how even though he is the boy wonder he is still tied down by his mothers rule. The cameos fitted in really well knight, squire and batwoman all appeared as well as someone who helps talia which I wont spoil. With the art andy clarke really steals the show and just makes this memorable for me. The ending is a massive suprise and will drop your jaws for a while leaving you in suspence for the next (Ill be waiting till may next year for the next : /) 

The Bad 

Im not sure if it is as good as the last? I put a question mark because im not sure myself I definatley think its as good as but not better at the moment. I also felt a bit rushed and the person I mentioned earlier working with Talia was kind of pointless and it should have been more. But apart from that nothing really bad to say.
Buy this book (if you enjoyed and know what happens in the first) Morrison has impressed me once again and I am still in suspence. 4.5/5

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