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Dynamic All Around

The Story: 

Batman and Robin investigate the abduction of a missing child by the mysterious Domino Killer, deal with the Circus of Strange and face former ally Jason Todd who plans on killing crime in Gotham…literally. 

My Thoughts:

Grant Morrison knows how to deliver a knockout story. Ever since writing Batman he's been doing amazing things with his character. Now after Bruce Wayne's "death" we see Morrison switch his focus on the new Batman (Dick Grayson) and the new Robin (Damian Wayne). Morrison concocts a story full of action, drama and mystery as only he is capable of doing. He creates new characters that become instant hits. He brings his refreshing imagination to the Dynamic Duo ma

The Circus Of Strange might appear ridiculous and weird at first glance (and they are) but they are pretty cool characters, especially Pyg. I'd love to see him in future Batman stories. He certainly fits the Gotham City style of villain and will make a nice addition to Batman's rogue gallery. Plus he dances to disco while he works. If that's not just downright sinister I don't know what is. 

It seems like anytime Jason Todd is involved in the story it's always something spectacular. The same can be said about his appearance here. He recruits a young girl who is given the name Scarlet. On a side note, it amazes me how effortlessly Grant Morrison can create new characters and make them play such a meaningful role and not appear second rate. Jason Todd's insanity gets the better of him once again as he dons a new costume as the Red Hood and plans on becoming crime killers rather than crime fighters with Scarlet. Insane or not he makes the story fun. His interaction with Dick Grayson is always entertaining as the two always bicker with each other. 

Morrison isn't one dimensional when it comes to writing. With all the mayhem and insanity akin place int he story there are other pivotal moments one should take away from the story. One such as this mysterious Domino Killer. The other being Oberon Sexton. Morrison teases us by introducing us to these characters and lets us know he has plenty more in store for this series. 

The art is by Frank Quitely and Phillip Tan. Two very talented artists with their own respective styles. Phillip Tan certainly had the darker style but Quitley's worked just fine as well. Both artists did Morrison's writing justice. I was thrilled with both styles. 

This is a must read comic for any Batman fans out there. Although I wouldn't recommend jumping on here if you haven't been keeping up with Batman for quite some time. It's important that you go back and read the prior stories if you haven't already. Once you do read this, you'll be overjoyed.  

Rating: 5/5

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