cavemold's Batman and Robin Annual #1 - Batman Impossible review

Earning Fathers Trust

The Good : Loved the art in this and you will get plenty of 666 batman suit! PLENTY! Damian takes his father on a journey that Bruce will definitely not forget. If you want see tibits on how Bruces parents were this is a excellent issue for that. A lot of heart warming moments here. I took a long time for Peter Tomasi to get batman to trust his son , but the wait was really worth it. I really love this 666 suit. I also enjoyed Damain demeanor than previous issues written by Peter. If Alfred does DIE next month at least he had some nice moments in France!

The BAD: nothing, i really enjoyed this self contained annaul. Worth the extra 2 bucks.

Verdict : I would higly suggest getting this issue IF you care about Bruce parents background and if you want to see the 666 SUIT


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