brewski420's Batman and Robin #9 - Blackest Knight, Part Three: Broken review


"Blackest Knight" conclusion. Written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Cameron Stewart. In the beginning of this issue we see Batwoman lying dead at Batman's feet. Thats where a Lazerus pit comes in, and she gets resurrected. After that scence we see the zombie Batman trying to kill Damian and Alfred. The zombie Batman is one crazy dude, and he can barely talk. Zombie Batman kicks Damians ass and then throws him off Wayne Tower. Poor Damian hasn't had much luck lately with getting paralized and now this. But Batman(Dick Grayson) manages to get to the scene in time and catches Damian from falling to his death. Thats good cause i would have hated to see the little brat die. After that Batman and Batwoman whoop zombie Batman's ass and put him down. That is a pretty cool fight scene. And at the end Dick tells Damian and Alfred that Tim Drake was right and that Bruce Wayne is out there alive somewhere and they have to find him. And thats the end of the issue. I have to admit that this issue in the "Blackest Knight" arc was actually done pretty well considering that the other two issues in this arc was not very good. Surprisingly i enjoyed reading this. So i'd def recommend going out and getting this to see what you think.
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