eisforextinction's Batman and Robin #8 - Blackest Knight, Part Two: Batman vs. Batman review

I Can Use That

Batman and Robin #8 is not a tie-in to Blackest Night. It's not a annual or double sized special. There is no doubt in my mind though that you should read Batman and Robin #8. If you think all of your questions will be answered then you're out of luck. This issue really raises more questions then it answers. But the ones it raises are interesting and add a urgency to the story and the one is answers is probably a year in the making.
I would say that Batman and Robin is the main Batman book right now but the first 6 issues didn't really move forward the Bruce Wayne saga as much as it showcased Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. Starting with issue #7 we got a kick in the pants "Yes Grant Morrison wrote Final Crisis. Yes Grant Morrison is writing Batman and Robin. Yes he will be writing the Return of Bruce Wayne." The comic book audience kind of needed something to say that Blackest Night wasn't the end all and be all of the Bruce Wayne Resurrection. I think Blackest Knight 1-3 will prove to be what that something is.
The issue itself glimmers in the dark with art by Cameron Stewart. Read this. Read this now.

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