joelislegend's Batman and Robin #5 - Mutineer review

Batman has been betrayed, but you won't be!

When Batman and Robin started I have to say I was sceptical. The first issues seemed a little confusing, but by issue 3 my confidence in the series had been fully restored, and now every month I anticipate the next issue. To my content, issue number 5 is the same! It carries on the story from the first issues, adding even more and giving just enough to keep you in turn wanting more.

The Good:

The story in this issue was near perfect. The pacing, the page layouts. Everyone was finely crafted and perfectly laid out. At one point i was worried because the comic gives a lot of backstory into the life of Ducard. I was afraid it might take up too much room when I saw there were only a few pages of the comic left... but no! To my surprise everything that needed to be in the comic was there. Honestly, just for the last few pages this comic is beautiful. Damian and Nobody working together is laid out in a beautiful 2 page spread... what else to say. It looks great!

The Bad:

The only nitpicking I could find was that technically the story doesn't advance that much in this issue. The main focus is on the backstory of Ducard, but at the same time it isn't to the point that it's overwhelming, or that you could say the book doesn't focus on Batman and Robin.

Honestly, everything in this issue is near perfect. It's exactly what we should want and expect from the new Bat books, and hopefully this arc will shape the years to come of Batman.

Can't wait for the next issue! Pick this up right now!!

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