carnivalofsins00's Batman and Robin #24 - The Streets Run Red, Part 2 of 3: Exit Strategy review

Batman & Robin #24

Judd Winick returns with the 2nd part of a 3 part story arc. Jason Todd is broken out of jail on his way back to Arkham by The Menagerie, a team of half animal and half human beings. 
First off, I am not a huge Jason Todd fan, but I really enjoyed last issue (which I reviewed here), this one, however, not so much. The first thing that kind of threw me off was the switch in artists. Last issue we had some really great art by Guillem March and Andrei Bresson, in this issue Greg Tucchini takes over. I didn't like it at all, it just looks really messy, things are hard to make out, and he's just not too good with the human anatomy. The art altogether just seemed kind of bland to me. 
This issue isn't a complete disaster though. The first few pages do a terrific job capturing who Jason is and seeing what goes on in his head, very much like the previous issue did. I actually kind of forgot this was a Batman & Robin title, which isn't a bad thing necessarily. However, once they Dynamic Duo appear, it just sank for me. Again, referencing to the previous issue, we had so little of Batman  and Robin, and seeing them here, because it is their book and not a Red Hood title, felt kind of forced. They had to appear in their own title, or else it wouldn't be Batman & Robin. 
Now, I am a huge fan of Damian Wayne and I love seeing him along with Dick, but I don't think Winick has the right handle on him. When a writer doesn't particularly know how to use Damian, they tend to lean towards making him more of a jerk then anything, and this bothers me because he's developed so much in the past 23 issues. 
I was really excited for this story arc, and now I just could not really care less. I liked that we have the return of a certain character which makes things interesting with Jason Todd, and I think that the more we get into Jason's head, the better the story is, but with how messy the book looks and how bad a character that I enjoy a lot is being handled, again, I've lost the excitement I had after last issue. I enjoy Judd Winick's work for the most part (Red Hood Lost Days, Justice League Generation Lost, Power Girl), but this didn't do it for me. Here's to hopes that next issue will go out with a BANG!

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