nightwing_beyond's Batman and Robin #23 - Acceptance review

Nightwing is a pro at Oculus Rift and Alfred cheats!

Spoilers Ahead

The Good

Let me start by saying that this was so close to being a five yet, barely fell into the four range for me. This issue certainly went in a direction that I didn't expect from what the solicits set up for the issue. Adding the virtual reality simulation was quite cool. I admit, I imagined Batman sitting playing the simulation demanding Alfred to bring him more hot pockets XD. Batman has failed to complete the issue for over four days and continues to play at the dismay of Alfred and Nightwing. With Batman frustrated, Nightwing offers him to be his bro to the close and help Batman co-op his way to victory. Patrick Gleason offers up some truly beautiful art alternative to Chris Burnham's in Batman Inc. With Nightwing's help, Bruce manages to complete the simulation in quite the dynamic duo fashion. After a heart felt conversation between Dick and Bruce, they leave the cave. Later, Alfred returns and tries playing the simulation himself. He relives his experience with Damian just before he leaves the cave to help Batman. Alfred knocks Damian out and tells him how proud he is of him lying him down on a couch. When Alfred exits the simulation, he has one of the most heart felt conversations with Bruce ever.

Dat face.

The Bad

The point of this five issue arc was for Batman to go through the five stages of grief. In the issue, Batman actually says that he will not accept Damian's death. You'd think an issue dubbed, "Acceptance", would have Batman actually accepting his loss. This issue should be titled Batman and Alfred since it harldy dealt with Richard's emotions. It seems like Nightwing was only there to school Batman in video games which is odd considering that he should be neck deep in hunting down Tony Zucco at this point. I know it's encouraged by editorial from DC to not revisit Dick's days with Damian as Batman and Robin very much but, I feel that it would have been a nice touch to have that emotional anchor for Dick in this issue too. If anything, Dick has spent even more time with Damian than Bruce so Dick not showing much emotion in this issue was a little jarring. That being said, Tomasi did a great job writing for Nightwing making him the witty and charming character that I expect him to be.

Bottom Line

When you don't think about the details to much, the issue is a fun read with some beautiful art. I also liked getting to see what might have been if Bruce saved Damian from his evil clone. The fights were fun and something about Nightwing impaling the Leviathan clone to the wall was truly satisfying. It has some issues but, this was a fun read and I recommend it. I would have paid money for an Oculus Rift reference ;)


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