agentofanarchy's Batman and Robin #21 - Dark Knight vs. White Knight, Part 2 of 3: Tree of Blood review


After buying my ongoings and being sourly dissapointed with a few of the bat family issues I was so happy to get to this one. I was on the fence about the 1st part of this storyline but the second part blew me out of the water. I feel this series has got stronger and stronger since morrisons departure. We are introduced to a new interesting villian, with an original MO in choosing victims and carrying out his crimes. I really did not want to put this issue down. I love Bruce as Batman but Dick brings his own thing to the table. I am glad that damian is not the typical robin as it would be two of the same thing. The two characters complement each other. With Dicks own sense of humour attempting to lightent the mood, whilst Damian is Damian. At first I hated him but now I look forward to seeing who's nerves he gets on next. The art is great, the story line is great, the villian is great and the character are portrayed brilliantly.
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    Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason continue telling the story of Batman and Robin in the 'Tree of Blood' story arc.   The Good  There's one thing about Peter Tomasi you can't overlook- he knows how to write Dick Grayson. In fact, Tomasi was responsible for many of Dick's most interesting stories; and he seems to make ample use of that skill in the second part of this story arc.   I am a firm believer in the idea that the hero is only as good and interesting as his or her adversary- and even though...

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