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Holding steady

The Good: Batman interacts with Red Hood and actually explains the plot to Red Hood and the Outlaws #19 to us in the process. This issue is better than the last one and actually had something to do with the team up between the two on the cover. Jason Todd is more likable than he has been in a batman book in a while I think. I actually felt sorry for him near the end. Whereas Bruce is still off the deep end with grief.

The Bad: There are things I don't care for in this story. Carrie Kelley seems like a forced cast member that no one involved in the story process really wants. Her role is mostly a page filler in this issue. I also wasn't enjoying Batman's tactics involving the "Bounty Hunters" Batman essentially tortured and crippled an entire group of people because he was angry. That's a line Batman usually doesn't cross. But I guess it plays into the Rage stage of grief.

Summary: Batman and Red Hood interact well, we see them bond for a short while only to end up trying to beat the hell out of one another again. Apparently that's a wound that wont stay healed. The issue is good, but it's not great. I feel like we should have had more Red Hood and Batman moments and less Carrie Kelley. So if you haven't read it, you probably should but the book has been better and I hope the next issue with Batgirl actually has more to do with Batgirl and Batman than Carrie.


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