Batman and Robin #17

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***I recommend reading BATMAN #17 first***

The Good 

Scott Snyder's 'The Death of the Family' is over and now it's up to Peter J. Tomasi to handle the event's aftermath for Bruce, Damian and Alfred in the pages of BATMAN AND ROBIN. Combined with Patrick Gleason's stunning art, this is yet another chapter in the title that has managed to warm my heart and make me fall in love with the series all over again (if you haven't read ANNUAL #1, go do so now). 
Taking place an unspecified amount of time after the Joker's story, this tale expresses how the event has impacted each key character. But it's not conveyed through their words, it's illustrated through their nightmares. Gleason is the perfect man for this job. His more than unique style offers an impressive amount of detail and absolutely twisted imagery -- he's a perfect for the drastic and ridiculous factors a nightmare can present. The art is simply amazing and helps walk us through the distorted dreams and fully appreciate their scope and powerful moments. 

What I relish the most about this issue is the fact Tomasi's script doesn't force feed us how each character feels. In my opinion, there's no excessive exposition or forced dialogue, we just have the pleasure of seeing how the dark series of events has drilled into their psyche and taking a moment to examine every page was a real pleasure. 
Tomasi has previously said his own relationship with his son helps inspire his writing here and it truly shows. The father/son dynamic is seriously heartwarming stuff. Simple things like Damian looking at his father's boot or Bruce rushing to his son after a bad dream are really tender moments. The ending was particularly touching as well. 

The Bad 

'Death of the Family' was supposed to divide the Bat-clan, but the ending here completely contradicts that (at least it does for Damian, that is). It's flat-out implied that Robin adores the current status quo. He's not only content with his lifestyle, but battling crime with his father is apparently something he'd want to do forever. It severely lessens the impact Snyder's story is supposed to produce.

The Verdict

BATMAN & ROBIN is once again on a roll. With top-notch panels that'll drop your jaw and a script that'll evoke quite a few emotions, 'Life is But a Dream' is a must read for fans of the Bat-family. Tomasi's handling of Bruce and Damian's relationship has been nothing short of brilliant as of late. Please, Grant Morrison, don't harm this adorable character!
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