dark_noldor's Batman and Robin #16 - Cast a Giant Shadow review

A meh fight

Toxic gas and Robins do not mix! All seats taken, this is the fight of the year: Father Vs Son, Jokerized Batman Vs Cowardly impaired poisoned Robin, and the director, Mr. Joker, sits in the front row, best seat in the whole Zoo, narrating this epic confrontation! Was the fight between Batman and Robin so epic as the announcement? I really don't believe so, mostly because Patrick Gleason's art was so off in this issue, I really don't know what happened with him: there were some pages that the "lazyness", "slob" or "rushed" were so evident, it seemed like Robin was a stick character, really something bizarre, considering he's such a talented and consistent artist. But the thing is, it wasn't just the bad art that bothered me, the battle had nothing extraordinare: razor batarangs, some punches, some throws, a little drowning, then the whole do to me, 'cause I can't do to you sketch, the battle was weak in it's conception. The best thing about this issue were the dialogues, especially Joker's lines, Peter Tomasi completely nailed the writing of this character. Robin's best scene is when he tried to shift the balance of the fight, but again, and I've seen I'm minority here, there was nothing major or mind blowing about this battle at all.


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