cerial442's Batman and Robin #16 - Cast a Giant Shadow review

Saw the Punchline Coming

Picking up where the last issue left off, Batman is under the Joker's possession, and is going after Robin.

This issue is one big fight, and is pretty good, though a bit predictable. Robin refuses to fight Batman, and is trying to talk some sense into him, for him to break the madness. All this is happening, while the Joker watches.

If you have been reading all of the other Death of the Family titles, the ending shouldn't really be a surprise. It's still an enjoyable issue. If you have read Batman this week, the Joker's "special item" that is unknown to us makes an appearance. Setting up next months conclusion in Batman 17.

I thought the art for the most part was really good. A couple of scenes showing the Joker looked a little off. But everything else looked great. The underwater fight with polar bear bones floating around was a standout (full page image).

This was a good tie in, and I don't think it matters if you read this or Batman first. Still, can't wait until next month's conclusion to the story. I have a bad feeling of what the "special item" in the food tray is.


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