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This is a fantastic conclusion to Morrison’s epic Batman story, and it feels like it. While the transition to Batman, Inc. looks like it will be a smooth one, there’s no doubt that this issue represents an ending to the Dr. Hurt storyline. Grant Morrison would use this issue to wrap up the many plot threads he first wove into Batman and then into Batman and Robin and finally  The Return of Bruce Wayne  . Cameron Stewart and Frazer Irving reprise their earlier roles as visual geniuses, while newcomer Chris Burnham does a great impression of Frank Quitely artwork i mean at first i actually did think it was quitely who was behind this. I think  Irving is probably the only artist who could match Quitely’s chilling design of Professor Pyg, and his Joker is perhaps the best I’ve seen in recent years. I quite like how morrison left the door open for Doctor Hurt to return someday, i hope he does because i really think he is an interesting villain.     

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    After an amazing run grant Morrison ends his run with quite a bang. For the most part all loose ends are tied for the current storyline and i really i couldn't be more excited  or happy with whats going on and what i going to happen.   Now im a bit late reading and review this but it was kinda of on purpose. due to scheduling problems the return of Bruce Wayne was late so theres parts of this story that didn't make sense mostly how Bruce Wayne was back without being back. So i wanted to make su...

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