bradbrains's Batman and Robin #16 - Black Mass review

The End and the Begining

After an amazing run grant Morrison ends his run with quite a bang. For the most part all loose ends are tied for the current storyline and i really i couldn't be more excited  or happy with whats going on and what i going to happen. 
Now im a bit late reading and review this but it was kinda of on purpose. due to scheduling problems the return of Bruce Wayne was late so theres parts of this story that didn't make sense mostly how Bruce Wayne was back without being back. So i wanted to make sure it read that first. I'm glad i did. 
The big reveal at the end is the main transition from the current storyline to the new batman incorporated making this a must read. but not just because of that. This is a well told story that keep me on the edge of my seat. the art is also top notch. 
 The next writer of this series has some big shoes to fill and i cant wait for the results.


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    The Good: What a spectacular way to conclude Grant Morrisons run on Batman and Robin! The mysteries surrounding Doctor Hurt are finally revealed (though if you have been keeping up with Morrison's Batman run you probably figured it out in #15), and Bruce Wayne is back in full swing. Loved the Joker in this issue, especially how he dealt with Hurt, and I maintain that no one writes a more compelling Joker than Grant. I also loved how so many elements created during Grant's run are referenced thro...

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