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The Good 
Bruce is here, no clone, no robot, this time is Bruce Wayne. Both covers were great and so was the art. 
The Bad 
There was something missing towards the end. First of all, by now the joker must have figured out who batman is, second I still feel that the story has been loose and week, I don't feel a connection between The road home, batman & robin and The Return of Bruce Wayne. I feel that they are all each going their  way and in the end they don't fully connect. I really think it was a mistake to have the road home published before Bruce officially came back, it really made his arrival here a lot less important. The ending was weird to say the least. Batman went public and global? Really? He can barely keep Gotham together and now he wants to take it to the whole world? I don't think this is going to be very interesting. BTW I think the whole deal with the demons was lame. 
Bruce is back in the end thats all that matters.

Posted by ackbarr

As mentioned on ComicsAlliance the demons storyline is directly lifted (stole?) from the Dark Knight / Dark City storyline in Batman #452-454, in which the Riddler uncovers an old book detailing satanic rituals performed in colonial Gotham in order to capture the power of Barbados, and attempts to complete the ritual using our favorite Dark Knight. I can understand that without reading the original storyline how that scene feels out of place. In addition, you really have to have been reading the full Grant Morrison story arcs to make sense of it all. I think this is a story that will read much better in trades. 
If you are a fan of Morrison's work with Batman so far, this is a must read, but if not it will convince you that the man is on drugs.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch
@ackbarr: "For work, PCP!"
Posted by sasarai
@ackbarr: Actually I read it, but a long time ago, I think you're right, when this gets released in trades it will be much better

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