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The Good  Bruce is here, no clone, no robot, this time is Bruce Wayne. Both covers were great and so was the art.  The Bad  There was something missing towards the end. First of all, by now the joker must have figured out who batman is, second I still feel that the story has been loose and week, I don't feel a connection between The road home, batman & robin and The Return of Bruce Wayne. I feel that they are all each going their  way and in the end they don't fully connect. I really think i...

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Satisfying Conclusion 0

The Good: What a spectacular way to conclude Grant Morrisons run on Batman and Robin! The mysteries surrounding Doctor Hurt are finally revealed (though if you have been keeping up with Morrison's Batman run you probably figured it out in #15), and Bruce Wayne is back in full swing. Loved the Joker in this issue, especially how he dealt with Hurt, and I maintain that no one writes a more compelling Joker than Grant. I also loved how so many elements created during Grant's run are referenced thro...

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The Grand Finale! 0

Batman and Robin. Grant Morrison's last issue. Barbatos, Doctor Hurt, The Joker, Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne and the original Batman all converge in this spectacular final installment of Morrison's Batman and Robin. Let's take a look at this issue:  PLOT: What does it take for a comic to have the nickname of milestone, is it the number of issues it has reached? Is it the quality of the storyline? Is it a bit of both? No answer is clear, but the one thing that was clear to me after reading this w...

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The Final Punch Line, The Ultimate Gag, The Big Joke 0

The Good: Oh god, where do I begin? I really disliked Cameron Stewart's art in Blackest Knight, but it looks A LOT better here. Maybe it's because the inks weren't so thick and heavy. The multiple artists was a bit jarring at times, but the way each one represented a different piece of the story was a touch of brilliance. The opening scene finally serves to explain everything that confused me about Dr. Hurt, and actually I think it was the absolute best way to explain him without making him too ...

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We are attending the Black Mass... R.I.P. classic Batman 0

*The Short Review* A long time of build up and finally some answers.  We finally learn what R.I.P. stands for and we finally get to see this new era of Batman that Grant Morrison is spearheading.  This was a great issue to end Grant Morrison's run on Batman and Robin.  This is also an important issue because it is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.  *The Longer Review*With all the comics out to buy, Grant Morrison's Batman story is once of the safest investments because of its rer...

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Guess who's back.... 0

The confrontation with Dr. Hurt and the original Dark Knight is finally here. Batman fans rejoice. Bruce Wayne is back. Pros: The beginning immediately raises questions about Dr. Hurt and his time during 1765 (and I not talking about him biting into a bat), which then leads to the confrontation with him and the original Batman, Bruce Wayne in the present. I love the fight scene with the trio, Bruce, Dick, and Damian against the 99(?) fiends with Damian stealing most of the show. I like how Gran...

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Now this is a return! 0

THE GOOD! First off let me just say this... wow! This issue was absolutely everything I was looking for and more. The story just perfect. I loved it and this issue made so much sense of it. Everything came together and what I loved most was how Bruce's return was handled in this issue. I feel that Morrison made Bruce's return in this issue awesome. What disappoints me is how all the Road Home one-shots failed to make Bruce's return feel not special. This issue is a cornerstone of what's to come ...

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Batman and robin 16 0

This is the best issue yet finnaly guess who's back the darkknight read it and read it agian oh and if you like joker and hate dr. hurt  you will like this issue.One of best 4 pannels ever are in this issue shame grant morrison leaving batman and  robin. the down part of this comic is the most terrible ending to a series i have ever seen after 3 years of dr. hurt  i am so mad that the have the nerve to make the ending this bad you may argue ....

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Rehashed Ruins a Good Story 0

The Batman, the real one, is back.  We all wanted him back I'm sure.  Dick Grayson's run as Batman has been lack luster at best and pandering at worst.   And it's nice to think that Batman will once again be portrayed Bruce Wayne; but then the climax comes, and all hope is lost. Spoilers contained below:  Bruce Wayne makes Batman Incorporated after revealing the to the media that the money behind Batman is from him.  Granted he doesn't reveal he  is Batman as some had speculated but that's not w...

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The End and the Begining 0

After an amazing run grant Morrison ends his run with quite a bang. For the most part all loose ends are tied for the current storyline and i really i couldn't be more excited  or happy with whats going on and what i going to happen.   Now im a bit late reading and review this but it was kinda of on purpose. due to scheduling problems the return of Bruce Wayne was late so theres parts of this story that didn't make sense mostly how Bruce Wayne was back without being back. So i wanted to make su...

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