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Batman and Robin #15 0

Little Big ManTo see this review with images, Click Here.The last two issues of Batman and Robin have been vastly disappointing and nonsensical. Anybody who read Tomasi’s original Batman and Robin story for the DCNU knows that he can write, but his recent material has seemed rather soulless. Nonetheless, I am very excited for this issue simply because I suspect Damian might be the one to die in Death of the Family, and if that is the case, it would stand to reason that this month’s tie in to Dea...

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A visit to the Zoo 0

As you may know, for the last two issues we saw Batman and Robin fighting "zombies" controlled by the Saturn Club. Both numbers weren't quite satisfying, and I was actually happy to see the arc coming to end and a death of the family tie-in in the next issue. Unfortunately the crossover was very disappointing.In the first six pages we see Damian trying to find the Joker. Those were the very few nice moments of the comic. Tomasi is really creating a positive portrayal of Robin. Well, not really. ...

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Joker's Games 0

Overall I have been enjoying this series, bit recently it's been poor, and not as good as it used to be. I have been hoping that the series will get better after joining the Death of the Family crossover, and it has, but not quite as much as I hoped it would.PlotThis issue sees Robin (Damian Wayne) meet the Joker for the first time. Whilst following a lead he is captured by the Joker who tries to torment him, whilst playing his sick game.ReviewThis was a good issue, and a decent start to Robin's...

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Joker Vs. Damian: Fight! 0

ReviewI like how other books, such as Detective, will let you know when you need to read another book before reading the issue that you currently have in case you missed some plot points. This book is missing the "Please read Batman #15 before reading this issue" on the first page. With that and some other confusing moments happening throughout the Bat-books right now, a definitive timeline for the books needs to be done.Small rant aside, please don't read this book until after you have read Bat...

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One Flew Over The Robin's Nest 0

If Tomas Giorello's fill-in artwork on the previous arc was the price to pay for Patrick Gleason's full attention on this issue and likely the next, then it was worth it because this issue looks AMAZING. Gleason's consistently amazing at weaving heavy shadows and terrifying darkness, but this issue takes it to a whole other level. The Joker doesn't quite look 'Greg Capullo brilliantly uncanny,' but he does look downright evil and terrifying, still achieving the desired effect. This issue is also...

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