darkestknight2_0's Batman and Robin #15 - Batman and Robin Must Die, part 3: The Knight, Death and the Devil review


This issue gives us the culmination of Dr. Hurt’s plans in perverting everything that the Batman stood for in Gotham .The pace is brisk and the tension is high, and Morrison does an excellent job of covering all the events without sacrificing any sense of importance. The scens that the morrison places his characters into are all extremely enjoyable--such as the tension-filled reunion between Alfred and the returned “Thomas Wayne,” the bullet that Dick takes in the back of the head, and the choice that is then placed on Robin by Hurt.    And of course the cliffhanger that Bruce is really back!  I quite like how Morrison makes reference back to other Batman stories, such as Damian's “deal with the devil” that was mentioned back in Batman #666.  Frazer Irving's art continues to be a perfect fit for this dark epic tale           

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    Batman and Robin have a date with the devil.  Pros: My God, I have never been so disturbed by the Joker since Heath Ledger's portrayal. In a way, he seem less insane than usual. Joker said that he wanted to help Batman, but what are his real intentions? Anyway, most of this issue Robin plays the main character as Batman is indisposed. Damian really thinks he can handle the situation on his own, and despite his determination, his arrogance gets the better of him, which leads to right where the fi...

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