duo_forbidden's Batman and Robin #15 - Batman and Robin Must Die, part 3: The Knight, Death and the Devil review

Is this the end of Batman and Robin?

Batman and Robin have a date with the devil. 

My God, I have never been so disturbed by the Joker since Heath Ledger's portrayal. In a way, he seem less insane than usual. Joker said that he wanted to help Batman, but what are his real intentions? Anyway, most of this issue Robin plays the main character as Batman is indisposed. Damian really thinks he can handle the situation on his own, and despite his determination, his arrogance gets the better of him, which leads to right where the first part of this arc started off.

The tension in this book hits on a high note. Seeing Thomas Wayne interact with Alfred made me fear for the old butler's life. The climax at the ends with a jaw dropping moment. Grant Morrison is pushing the Batman series where it's never been before.

Frazer Irving sets the mood so right with his artwork. It is one of the reasons why this arc has been so incredible. Dark and haunting, this already feels like it's Halloween already. There are so many different pages I love in this issue. The opening page with the Joker, Robin fighting off the minions of Dr. Hurt just to prove how deadly he can be, and the climax with the last few pages-and those are just some examples. Irving just nails it on the expressions with the characters. Some of the artwork does have some minor problems like characters looking older than what they should be (Dick for example).

My only complaints is how easily Batman and Robin get out of their dangerous situations that appeared in this issue. It almost seem unrealistic (I mean come on! Dick was shot in the back of the head). There's also the Grant Morrison deep, yet, sometimes confusing storytelling especially when it comes to the end. If you have been following Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, you probably know what I am talking about.

Overall: Hate him or love him, Grant Morrison has been leading fans of Batman up to this moment. I've been having a blast with Batman and Robin, and I can't wait what the next issue will bring.

Posted by B'Town

I have been having a blast reading Batman and Robin too.  AND please please don't scare the crap out of me asking "Is this the end for Batman and Robin?"  Geesh, I can't bare it!  Hahah.

Thanks for the review.

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