Batman and Robin #13

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The Good

I can always rely on writer Peter Tomasi's title to deliver a constantly evolving bond between Bruce and Damian -- after all, I remember him saying at last year's New York Comic-Con that his writing draws on personal experiences with his own child.  That expectation once again holds true in this issue and we're treated to a few surprisingly warm moments in the first act... well, warm for the Wayne family.  
Not really sure where Tomasi is going with Titus, but man oh man did he manage to make me feel bad for the pup.  From resting comfortably with Damian to being left in the dust with a bone in his mouth, I was yelling at Damian to give his pooch some attention.  Spotty, the lovable sewer rat, is also in my prayers.  I hope he has a swift recovery after that forced yet brave act.  You're a true hero in my heart, Spotty.  As for that scene, it was yet another violent and amusing display from Robin. 
As usual, artist Patrick Gleason's art is fantastic and there's an exceptional panel when Batman and Robin are returning to Earth in the... Bat-shuttle?  Co-artist Tomas Giorello brings a completely different style to the issue and it's equally impressive, however jumping between the two artists felt odd.

The Bad 

Being tied into Joker's return is good fun, but the current focus surrounding the Saturn Club really didn't win me over.  There's nothing really gripping about it and I can't help but feel like it's another plot point that'll be wrapped up in a handful of issues and not leave a lasting impact -- unlike Nobody's initial story.  
Halfway through the issue the artist changes and I found it to be both jarring and unnecessary.  The look of the book is every bit as important as the content and at that point I was fully immersed in Patrick Gleason's unique looking world.  Then abruptly, the story takes a more detailed and shaded approach.  Both artwork is excellent, I'm just not fond at all of having the team switch mid issue. 

The Verdict 

BATMAN & ROBIN continues to prove it's one of the best Bat-family books DC has to offer.  While the unfolding plot isn't particularly interesting, the dynamic between Bruce and Damian once again serves as more than enough to keep me coming back for more.

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